Sound Dessert Nights | December Recap

Daniel Eyes & The Vibes

The final Sound Dessert Nights of the year featured Austin all-stars Falcon, Daniel Eyes & The Vibes, and Odas Williams Soul Revue at none other than Stay Gold. The showcase started off with the dreamy sounds of Falcon before building into a groovin’ dance party by night’s end. If that wasn’t enough to keep things hot, we also spiced up the party with Reyka Vodka Mules and Ancho Reyes Hot Chocolate. I know, YUM.



Singer/songwriter Falcon (who’s been laying low for a few months), made a rare appearance for the showcase, delivering an intimate acoustic performance of some of her favorite songs. The songbird was joined halfway through her set by another guitarist, playing a mix of originals and covers including “Horse In The Sky” by Chris and Thomas. Feeling nervous to be back on stage after some time, Falcon was genuinely humbled and moved by the audience’s warm reception, as people gathered on the floor listening intently to her sonic tales.

Daniel Eyes & The Vibes by Breezy Ritter

Daniel Eyes & The Vibes

Rock ‘n’ rollers Daniel Eyes & The Vibes turned up the volume with their rousing mix of blues and pop. Slowly the gap between the stage and the crowd grew smaller as the music (and the drinks) settled in and the dancing ensued. Daniel Eyes & The Vibes played a number of songs off their upcoming debut EP, Sweet Dreaming including the charged “Dessert Cocaine.” Look for Sweet Dreaming out January 29th, 2016.

Odas Williams Soul Revue by Breezy Ritter

Odas Williams Soul Revue

After that warm-up, the stage was set for Odas Williams Soul Revue. The smooth criminals played a heady dose of funk and R&B that kept everyone moving – so much so that the guys doubled the length of their performance to keep the energy going. This six piece pulls out all the stops, with an arsenal of instruments at the ready. When Odas Williams pulls out the saxophone – you know it’s about to go down.

Thank you to everyone who’s been coming out to Stay Gold these past few months to enjoy the music, and to all the bands that have made each night so exceptional. Also special thanks to our sponsors Reyka Vodka, Ancho Reyes and Vinylmnky. Lastly, thanks to Breezy Ritter for capturing all the Sound Dessert Nights magic on camera.

Sound Dessert Nights returns Thursday, February 4th, 2016 at our usual spot: Stay Gold. See you next year!

Photos of the December edition of Sound Dessert Nights below. See the full album here.

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