Sofar Sounds Austin: Holiday Edition

Even though we’re in the heart of Texas, December was actually quite a chilly month in Austin with temps in the 30’s, icy roads and even a dusting of snow. Not a big deal elsewhere, but snow in Austin? Not a common occurrence. Warming things up for the last Sofar Sounds of 2013 was Courrier, Leah Nobel and Wiretree followed by some good old Christmas caroling from those who stuck around after the show.

Courrier by BryanLeeTaylor

Courrier. Photo by Bryan Lee Taylor

Courrier kicked off the Sofar Sounds Austin holiday show with a hearty dose of upbeat ballads. The Texas natives have a knack for infectious melodies and handsome harmonies. Not to mention they’ve got charm and style to boot (they describe themselves as having a “British sensibility” inspired by iconic rockers from across the pond). Courrier really warmed up the room when they played their buzzworthy single, “Love Is A Fire.” One listen and it’s easy to see why the Austin foursome is creating such a stir.


Leah Nobel. Photo by Bryan Lee Taylor

The moment singer/songwriter Leah Nobel strummed her guitar, the animated audience fell completely silent. Nobel’s voice and lyrics tug at one’s heartstrings, which she owned up to during her set before playing a song that was described as “depressing” by someone at a previous show. Feelings, they kind of come with the singer/songwriter territory. Songs that drudge up the strongest feelings? Well, they’re kind of the best (here’s looking at you, Adele). As for Nobel, she sings from her heart about life and relationships with grace and wisdom.


Wiretree. Photo by Bryan Lee Taylor

Wiretree closed the afternoon with some lovely indie rock songs. Led by husband and wife Kevin (vocals, guitar) and Rachel Peroni (bass), the pair were probably the happiest people in the room. They recently had a baby (which they shared some sweet stories about) and were excited to get out of the house and play a gig. Their uptempo tunes and general cuteness melted everyone’s hearts. Not to mention they also saved the day, filling in for a last minute cancellation. Thanks for being awesome, Wiretree.

View more photos from the show on the Sofar Sounds Flickr page.

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