Sleep Good – Dream Dealer

Forget popping pills to catch some shut eye, Sleep Good is here to lull you into a blissful reverie. The Austin based musician creates lush, pillowy soundscapes perfect for daydreaming or dozing off. Though I recommend the former when listening to Dream Dealer to truly let the album’s mystical and fanciful qualities take shape.

With minimal vocals, Sleep Good’s instrumental reflections feel reminiscent of New Jersey rockers Delicate Steve, but with more atmospheric qualities. Ever wonder what weightlessness feels like? The song “Everything Is Now” will have you feeling like your floating in space.

As the days shorten and the temperatures dip, Dream Dealer’s meditative landscape feels appropriately autumnal. Press play and get swept away in Sleep Good’s enchanting milieu.

Dream Dealer is available now. Get it here.

Image credit: Danny Yirgou

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