Sit Back and Wave Through The Daylight

Sticking to the feel good theme it seems I have going lately, I am in love with this Matt & Kim song ‘Daylight.’ Those initial spunky notes gaining momentum by Matt’s voice and Kim’s drumming…how do you not get hooked? I just love it. The video is so happy too, the two of them have such a great energy, it just radiates off the screen. You can’t help but notice the big grins they have on their faces the whole time. Not to mention I do miss daylight. I am tired of winter (aren’t we all?). I want warm weather and sunsets at 8 instead of 5. I want to shove my coat into the back of my closet, forgotten until next September. That’s why I can’t get enough of this song. Listening to it gives me hope that Spring isn’t as far away as it feels.

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