Sink Your Fangs Into Beach Day’s Cover Of "Dracula’s Daughter"

Image source: SoundCloud

Halloween’s around the corner, but I suspect many of you will be enjoying some ghoulish fun starting this weekend. Put yourself in the mood with Beach Day’s vintage cover of “Dracula’s Daughter”, a peculiar track originally recorded in 1964 by Screaming “Lord” Sutch.

Beach Day’s Kimmy Drake told Rolling Stone, “I wanted to record a Halloween song but didn’t want to do something too obvious.” She added, “Our drummer is mildly obsessed with horror garage music icon Screaming Lord Sutch, and when I found footage of Joe Meek and Sutch actually recording ‘Dracula’s Daughter,’ we both became enthralled with the idea of covering the song.”

“Dracula’s Daughter” comes way before Twilight and sings about the trouble of falling “in love with Dracula’s Daughter.” And you thought meeting your partner’s parents was stressful. Then again, maybe you’ll meet the “vampire Mary” of your dreams this hallows eve.

Beach Day released their debut album Trip Trap Attack on Kanine Records earlier this summer.

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