Sienna Miller Tries To “See The Light”

Damien Hirst, known for his diamond-skulls, formaldehyde vitrines and colorful canvases, is taking his artwork to the masses via The Hours. Their new album See The Light, was released today via Hirst’s specially created label, Is Good.

Hirst designed the album artwork and also served as art director for The Hours’ “See The Light” and “Big Black Hole” videos. Directed by Tony Kaye (American History X), “See The Light” is a seven minute existential look into the life of a distraught Sienna Miller as she tries to pull herself out of the darkness.

Hirst definitely includes his stamp on the video, as there are dead cow carcasses hanging from the walls in one scene. Though it also reminds me of Hermann Nitsch and his piece, 4th Action, where he performs a sacrifice of a lamb (shout out to my Art History degree).

The Hours collaboration with Hirst has definitely amped up buzz for See The Light, so kudos to The Hours and Hirst for getting creative and combining their art forms.

Now watch Sienna Miller crawl around a retail store and smear cows blood in the video:

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