Shura’s Magic ‘Touch’

Russian-bred and London-based singer Shura found her creative spark after a trip to South America. “Between working in The Amazon and walking pumas, Shura “came back less afraid to attack pop, and make it my own thing””. [Partisan PR]

I can see how walking pumas in the Amazon might make a person rethink a few things in life.

Shura’s sonic landscape is inspired by the forests she explored as well as a mix of R&B (think Jessie Ware), with lyrics surrounding relationships and all their complications.

On the atmospheric “Touch” Shura sings, “There’s a love between us still but something’s changed and I don’t know why. And all I want to do is go home with you but I know I’m out of my mind.”

While on the twinkling “Indecision” that’s totally got Madonna “Luck Star” vibes, Shura sings, “Tell me why / we can’t make this work / it may be over but there’s something you should know / you’ve got my love boy, you’ve got my love.”

The feels, ohhh the feels.

Girl has her FIRST EVER live show at Pitchfork Paris on October 29th and I suspect things will progress for the singer quite quickly. Take note.


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