Shura – White Light

Shura’s new single “White Light” is seven minutes of pure pop heaven. An epic, twinkling, 80’s soaked ballad that lifts you up and doesn’t let go. In sum, say hello to your new late-night anthem.

The white hot single mixes old school pop and R&B flavors – think Jessie Ware meets Madonna. I’ve made the comparison before and it continues to ring true on this latest dance gem. The song builds so seamlessly and exquisitely that you hardly noticed seven minutes has passed.

Honestly, the track could keep on going and I would keep on dancing.

Shura, aka Alexsandra Denton, hails from Russia and resides in the UK. The inspiration for her upcoming debut album struck while she was in the Amazon, walking pumas in her down time. Look out for it later this year.

Photo by Hollie Fernando Photography

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