Sheperd Fairey Directs New Death Cab video, says "If you don’t like your home…reshape it.”

The illustrious Shephard Fairey–artist, producer, and Obama campaign mobilizer–is the director of Death Cab for Cutie’s newest music video, “Home Is A Fire.” Bassist Nicholas Harmer approached Fairey asking if he wanted to collaborate with him on the project and Fairey, being a Death Cab fan, naturally agreed. The result is essentially the lyrics of “Home Is A Fire” being tagged all over an urban landscape.

[Via Obeygiant]Street art appeals because it makes the landscape a little less dreary for the viewer, and it is a bureaucracy free creative outlet for the participants. I would say that a street art call to action is “if you don’t like your home…reshape it.” The power of street art is in its intrigue and authenticity, so it was crucial to actually put all the lyrics and images up on the streets. We wanted the viewer to experience the urban environment in a very real and intimate way that celebrates that one person’s wart is another’s beauty mark…Street art, like everything, is ephemeral but I hope that in watching this video and listening to the song, people see a little magic and potential in the unappreciated details of the landscape of their lives, no matter how fleeting they may be. –Shephard Fairey

Death Cab’s new LP Codes and Keys streets May 31st.

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