Shazam Sessions : MEN

Everyone’s favorite music discovery service Shazam isn’t just an app on your phone.  Shazam has expanded to creating interactive experiences on television shows and commercials, and also have a blog where they feature something called Shazam Sessions. The sessions are stripped down performances of many popular indie bands who visit the Shazam Studios to play a song or two.  Dinosaur Pile-Up, The Shoes featuring Esser, Matt and Kim and The Pigeon Detectives have all visited the studio.  Check out the session with MEN playing “Off Our Backs.”

Shazam also has a Music Explorer functionality on their website which is powered by the tagging activities of their 50 million users. The feature makes artist and song recommendations based on your interests:

“Explorer gives you this as a ‘map’ of related artists, tracks or users based on how many other members have tagged these as well as your original track or artist.” It’s kind of fun. Try it out.

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