Say Lou Lou’s Games For Girls

Say Lou Lou show off their mischevious side in the new video for “Games For Girls“. Filmed in Los Angeles, the duo teamed up with video collective Welcome To Cult to play pranks on passersby around town. Some games for girls, if you will.

From being submerged in white paint, to altering a billboard, to creating guerrilla installations, Say Lou Lou create a little confusion that’s all in good fun. They also look wonderfully retro in the process. Give them a pair of skates and they could be spending a Friday night at the roller-disco.

The single’s playful, carefree vibe is hard to resist. One listen and you’ll probably find yourself shouting “little boys with fancy toys” with inexplicable  jubilation. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

“Games for Girls” drops October 27th and appears on Say Lou Lou’s debut album Lucid Dreaming, out February 2, 2015.

Image source: Purple PR

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