Santigold Tells Lady Gaga To Shut Her ‘Big Mouth’

Santigold went “hard” and now she’s going “big” with the release of “Big Mouth,” her first video from her upcoming album, Master of My Make-Believe, slated for release in the spring. At one point in the song she insults Lady Gaga with the lyric, “Gaga-ga all slightly off/not me I take the loss.” In the video Gaga is animated as a mermaid wearing a crown–that gets devoured by a tiger with Kim Kardashian-length eyelashes. The crown is then taken as a prize and placed on a pedestal in what I’m guessing is Santigold’s ‘grand chamber.’ Clearly the quick-witted lyricist has some beef with the pop star, and is using her mouth to get it off her chest. Aside from that, overall the video is saturated (figuratively and literally) with colors, bold prints and that’s right, animations. I have to say the look of the video and the song itself remind me a lot of M.I.A’s style.

Santigold is also sporting a slightly different look in the video. She’s swapped her shorter amber-colored hair for longer black locks, and wearing what looks like a black leather romper. It’s less ‘Brooklyn we go hard’ and more pretty/feminine for the singer. But that said, lets be real here – her edge isn’t going away any time soon.

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