San Carol Comes To America

San Carol by by Fred Lombard

San Carol prepares to embark on a manifold journey. This week marks the first time the Angers, France native has ever stepped foot on a plane. Thanks to Angers Week, the Angevin is one of many musicians in Austin this week, here to share their culture and music with the Live Music Capital of the World.

I spoke with San Carol about coming to the U.S. for the first time, how music drives him, and how David Bowie serves as a constant source of inspiration.

See where San Carol is playing in Austin here.

Sound Dessert: Is this your first time in the states?

San Carol: It’s my first time in the U.S. and my first time on a plane. It seems to be a big step in my life somehow! It really delights me to come.

SD: What are you excited or nervous about?

San Carol: I’m only nervous about talking in english when we’re on stage. Also don’t get arrested at the airport.

Otherwise I’m just so excited to come over with my band and play our music for you. I think the artistic essence of San Carol is really european. Taking our music to the American public is a completely new experience for us.

SD: What is one thing you want to do while you’re in Austin?

San Carol: Eating some of your best local food and seeing your coolest and most beautiful places!

Beyond that, I want to have a moment in total solitude around your streets and landscapes, to feel the energy of some place that’s not home.

SD: What makes Angers a special place to live?

San Carol: Angers is a small town with a surprising number of creators. Many people are really ambitious in many different ways, disciplines, or styles. Sometimes you get down because being in a band is not easy everyday. Then you realize just how lucky you are to be in a town where there is always a way to be helped in your creative ideas.

It’s like a bone upon which you add muscle and flesh, ending with nerves and skin. – San Carol on making music.

SD: Did you participate in Austin week in Angers?

San Carol: I saw ATX6 play in my friend’s record store, Exit Music For A Drink. We also saw a psychedelic performance called Ouroboros to close Levitation Festival and Austin Week. Year after year, Austin Week gets more and more popular to the French people. Many curious people come out to discover Austin culture in Angers’ streets.

SD: What roll does music play in your life?

San Carol: I’m quite sure without music I’d already be six feet under. This is clearly the thing that gives rhythm to my life. Sometimes it can be depressing but it only takes a good show, composing a new song, or recording in the studio, to wash the complicated things away.

SD: How often do you play/create music?

San Carol: I compose and play music almost every day for several bands. When I’m in a process of creation, it can be musical, visual, or anything that inspires me in a interesting creative way.

My favorite thing is recording songs and making them something new. Like a bone upon which you add muscle and flesh, ending with nerves and skin.

Making music is about creating something that will live beyond yourself somehow, even if it’s for two or three people, you are making a living thing.

SD: Which artist has had the biggest impact on you and why?

San Carol: David Bowie is the number one artist to me. I was so sad when I learned of his death. I was in a form of mutism for a week. He did everything in a total and complete form of art. He was not only a pre-cursor, but someone that offered underground music a popular echo. His music means a lot to me.

SD: What’s a piece of advice you like to live by?

San Carol: You can be an ass, but you can’t be a fucking copy.

Listen to San Carol now on Spotify. Purchase his music here.

Featured photo credit: Fred Lombard

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    This is awesome! I love that last line “You can be an ass, but you can’t be a fucking copy.” I’d make it my Yobored bio if that wasn’t the pure definition of irony.

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