Running With Insanity

Alcoholic Faith Mission’s The Running With Insanity EP is now available in the US.  The band has big plans for 2011, with their sights set on releasing not one but two albums this year. Part of what makes the Danish band so intriguing is not only their beautiful harmonies but the creative process behind their recordings.  Their second album, 421 Wyeth Ave, was recorded in a Williamsburg factory, using only items found within the four walls — including using dictionaries as a kick drum.  On their latest EP the experimental band plays with strings, pianos, harmonicas, horns, and hand claps to create a light, crisp sound. The layering of female and male vocals creates a rich, smooth texture to this spirited record.  As they sing on “When They Bleed” “We don’t need no bitches in this place.” That’s what I’m talking about.

Stream the whole E.P here.
Alcoholic Faith Mission – Running With Insanity by Paper Garden Records

Track Listing:
Running With Insanity
When They Bleed
Drowning (In Myself)
Dancing Fools

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