Roosevelt Pushes The Boundaries of Pop

Roosevelt likes to push boundaries. When it comes to his music, Roosevelt producer Marius Lauber looks to the Berlin club scene, 70’s disco and “obscure pop,” to craft his dreamy dance hits. “To play with the expectations of a pop song,” says Lauber, “and transform it and still stay in the pop structure, that inspires me.”

Crowds were inspired to dance at Fun Fun Fun Fest when Roosevelt warmed up the Blue Stage, giving fans a taste of his upcoming album. Signed to Greco-Roman (the label co-founded by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard which gave rise to Disclosure), Roosevelt finds himself in good company with his experimental dance label mates.

To play with the expectations of a pop song and transform it, and still stay in the pop structure, that inspires me.

When he’s not touring, Lauber spends most of his time holed up in his studio in Cologne playing with different sounds: “In Cologne it’s normal to have a studio with rock bands and a techno producer or something. Everything is mixed up and that’s how you get inspired. You can get quite bored when you’re isolated to one genre.”

While working on his upcoming album, Roosevelt found muses in Nile Rogers, Talking Heads and Arthur Russell. “Their take on a pop song – that was quite inspiring for the album.”

Until the album drops in the spring of 2016, Roosevelt will be laying low in Cologne before embarking on an international tour, starting in Austin with SXSW and then moving into the summer festival circuit.

“It’s nice to have this crazy tour world and then come home to a place that’s a bit more chill” says Lauber. “I’m quite fortunate that my music connects to people here [in the US]. In July we played headlining shows in New York and Los Angeles and people turned up. That was quite big.”

As for what Lauber’s listening to these days? “I’m really into a song called “Gold Soundz” by Pavement. It’s such a classic but I just got into them recently.”

Keep an eye out for Roosevelt’s new album in early 2016, and look for him coming to a city or festival near you.

Image source: The Windish Agency

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