Roadkill Ghost Choir – Slow Knife

“I sat in a bathtub full of black liquid for 5 hours so you can enjoy this 4 minute video. I do these things because I care about you.” Roadkill Ghost Choir lead singer, Andrew Shepard is really dedicated to his fans and his art – as seen in the music video for “Slow Knife.”

What this ‘black liquid’ consisted of exactly remains a mystery, but maybe we’re better off not knowing. Either way, the song and video make for apropos Halloween listening that will live beyond this ghoulish day.

Mix one part motive with two parts revenge, play and repeat.

With a southern rock flair, “Slow Knife” pairs perfectly with those crisp, cold mornings as the sun spills into the streets.

Roadkill Ghost Choir’s debut album, In Tongues is out now.

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