Review: Culture’s Collide at Filter Magazine’s SXSW Showcase

Filter Magazine’s Culture Collide SXSW showcase at Bar 96 on Saturday 3/17 was exactly that. The bill featured bands from all over the globe including Australia (WIM), the UK (The Heavy) and the good ‘ol US of A (Wild Feathers, Maps & Atlases, The Drowning Men). Here’s an overview of how the bands I saw made out:

Wild Feathers

Wild Feathers from Nashville are a fantastic folk-rock band that had everyone on their feet. Tight harmonies, palpable energy and a whole lot of soul emanate from this five-piece. On stage the band plays with such intensity, that it’s no wonder they’ve been winning over fans everywhere they go. If you have a chance to see them live, do it. Currently Wild Feathers only has one track online and a couple live video clips on YouTube. Their social media following only emphasizes further the strength of their live act. You can be sure this band has great things ahead of them. On the horizon is the Wild Feathers’ debut album, which will hopefully be released sooner than later!


A SoundDessert favorite, WIM (AUS) electrified the stage with their set. The band made my Best Albums of 2011 list and Best Singles of 2011 list for the song “See You Hurry”, so it was a thrill to finally have the chance to see them live. And they did not disappoint. Live, their music is just as evocative as it is on their stunning recording. Lead singer Martin Solomon‘s intoxicating vocals paired with the bands gorgeous harmonies is unparalleled. Keep your eyes and ears on WIM, they are definitely going places.

Watch WIM perform “See You Hurry”

The Drowning Men

Reppin’ the West Coast was The Drowning Men from California. Judging by all the facial hair in the group, you’d think their beards serve as flotation devices, but these drowning men are in no need of rescuing. Blending folk and roots Americana, the magnetic musicians are also captivating storytellers through their song. The music takes hold and that’s the point. The Drowning Men’s goal is for the band – and the audience – to be completely in the moment with the music. (Side note – I learned after the show that the guys are very big fans of Pabst (especially the drummer)- cheers!)

Maps & Atlases

Math rockers (I don’t think I’ve ever said that before) Maps & Atlases from Chicago, played their unique blend of folk-pop. Lead-vocalist and guitarist Dave Davison’s distinctive, gravelly voice adds great flavor to the bands sound. The foursome has been busy recording a new LP, Beware and Be Grateful. Look for it April 17th!

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