Randi Russo

Randi Russo is a soulful songstress blending soft folksy melodies and grungy beats into one cohesive sound. Ambidextrously talented, Randi not only plays the guitar in both her left and right hand, but will even flip-over her guitar, playing the strings upside down. Her creativity extends beyond music as she channels much of her energy into the visual arts as well. I was lucky enough to work with Randi two summers ago as her assistant. Scrunched up in her cozy one bedroom apartment in Manhattan’s east village we would congregate in front of her laptop brainstorming and implementing various strategies to help build up her profile and fan base.

Russo has released multiple albums, the latest being Shout Like A Lady. The two sides of her sophisticated sound shine through as she softly sings on album-titled track “Shout Like A Lady” only to instantly change pace with “West Coast Girl.”

Randi has graced the stage at many bars and clubs around New York City previously sharing bills with the likes of Regina Spektor and Kimya Dawson (of newly acquired Juno fame). She has also built a fan base among the anti-folk community in the UK.

Not only am I a friend but I am a fan as well. I am confident it is only a matter of time before Randi follows in the footsteps of the artists she’s previously shared stages with. Check her out on myspace and at randirusso.com

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