Randi Russo Holds Her ‘Head High’

What a gorgeous Monday, long weekends are so relaxing, hope everyone is enjoying their Columbus day!

Last Friday I spent the afternoon at Between the Trains Studios in Dumbo in Brooklyn with Randi Russo, and got to sit in on her recording session for her new album! The new material has great energy. Having known Randi for a few years now (almost 4) it’s exciting to witness her musical progression and evolution. I’m really looking forward to the final product!

Randi’s studio team included Konrad Meissner (Katy Perry, Matt Nathanson, Girl Friday) on drums, Brandon Wilde (Black Bunny, All Night Chemists) on bass and Don Piper as engineer extroardinaire. Paul Megna (Oxygen Ponies) who’s co-producing was also there. Click here to see pics from the studio!

Recording “Head High, Lie Low” and “Alienation” (tentative titles) among others, Randi has fine-tuned her skills and developed her sound for her fourth album. Strong harmonies and vibrant chords play off Randi’s dour yet seraphic voice. A vulnerability emerges through carefully weaved lyrics of the toils of love and relationships, yet Randi sounds powerful and confident when she sings. You almost feel as if you are listening to her memoirs, or a friend sharing their experiences and advice. A talented lyricist, Randi doesn’t hold back when she writes, unafraid to share her emotions no matter how gritty. The result is an honest and discerning collection of songs you can really sink your teeth into.

An album to look forward to in the new year, keep your eyes and ears peeled for this outstanding work, which may be Randi’s best album to date. Critics better pay attention in 2010, because Randi Russo is no longer up and coming, she has arrived.

Stay tuned for future updates and previews from the new album, as soon as I get my hands on them!

Image credit: lastfm

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