Quadron Feel The Pressure

Quadron, the neo-soul twosome from Copenhagen, will take you back in the most wistful way. Coco O croons and trills with a sweet, soulful sound that harkens back to 60’s pop while musician/producer Robin Hannibal infuses synth chords to create an enticing contrast between classic and contemporary.
When not acting as a duo both are part of the electronica group Boom Clap Bachelors, in addition to working on a number of additional side projects. As a pair, Quadron has an enchanting sound that will make you want to let your hair down.

If you’ve seen The Kids Are Alright chances are you’re already familiar with this Danish duo (the lilting “Slippin” is on the soundtrack). Also be sure to check out the vibrant “Jeans” and the sweet “Pressure.”

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