Prinze George – Upswing

Prinze George do not have a direct line to the Royal Family, but they can recommend some killer seafood joints in Maryland. That’s because the band’s regal moniker hails from their hometown of Prince George County, MD. Now residing in Brooklyn, Naomi, Kenny and Isabelle, make upbeat synth-pop tracks fit for dancing your heart out.

Get on the ‘upswing’ with this spirited single featuring a driving bass line and Naomi Almquist’s soulful and steady vocals. Following Oscar’s “Daffodil Days”, “Upswing” is another song about rising above bad days as Almquist sings;

“We’re on the upswing, flying high
We’re on the upswing, you and I
Nothing brings us down for long
Nothing’s right; to fall is wrong”

Prinze George have big plans for March: they’ll be releasing a five-track EP and hitting up SXSW, so keep them on your radar.

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