Princess (Maya Rudolph & Gretchen Lieberum) Make It (Purple) Rain at Brooklyn Bowl

Princess, the mind-blowing Prince cover band fronted by Maya Rudolph and Gretchen Lieberum, took over Brooklyn Bowl last week to make it (purple) rain. Backed by The Roots, it goes without saying that the night was monumentally epic. Maya rocked an embellished trench coat, and brought the sass, sex appeal, and yes, vocal chops worthy of The Artist. Her accomplice Gretchen Lieberum, was every bit 80’s in a flirty cop outfit, complete with white lace cutoff gloves. The two of them busted out impeccably choreographed dance moves and encouraged the audience to follow suit shouting, “It’s Thursday night!”. It was most definitely a night to remember, one that ended with (yup you guessed it) a grand finale of “Purple Rain.”

Darling Nikki

Purple Rain

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