Premiere: Ladyfang – Devil


Austin’s Ladyfang is a band with bite. Lead singer Cara Juan captivates listeners with her raw, hypnotic vocals and a playful attitude reminiscent of Tragic Kingdom era Gwen Stefani. The four piece has a dynamic sound that seamlessly moves from tropical, jazz fusion, to electrifying synth rock. Juan ties everything together with her rich, magnetic voice and presence.

Not only do they have a sound you can sink your teeth into, they’re lyrics are equally empowering and relatable. From dealing with toxic relationships on “Narcissist” to paying off one’s loans on “All Your Money,” Ladyfang are the modern-day riot grrrl band you need in your life right now.

Having just played Sound Dessert’s Nasty Bits: A Planned Parenthood Benefit, I can confidently say they’ve got the goods on and off stage.

Ladyfang’s latest single “Devil” is a raucous track about self-worth. The song begins in high school and moves through college as Cara sings of hanging out with the wrong people because, “you can’t stand to be alone” and “losing yourself at 23,” to eventually realize you deserve better from yourself and others. The song ends on an emboldened note as Cara says “fuck it” and “you don’t know me” as the track comes to a swift “mic drop” close.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Devil” here:

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