Premier: Caterwaulrus – Naked On The Beach

Who doesn’t want to be “Naked On The Beach” and skinny dip in the ocean? If your body craves to be one with nature look no further than Caterwaulrus’ psychedelic new single, premiering exclusively on Sound Dessert.

Naked On The Beach” transports listeners to the shores as squawking seagulls and crashing waves echo for the first 20 seconds, before plunging into a reverberating amalgam of keys, percussion, harmonies and strings.

It’s clear Caterwaulrus is most at peace when surrounded by nature, a temperament that resonates on the blissful ballad. “So call me sentimental if you do not know my name,” the Austin native sings before quipping, “my name is hard to spell and even harder to say.” Call him sentimental with a sense of humor. Though you might want to call Caterwaulrus one of Austin’s artists to watch. The singer’s combinations of expansive sounds and melodies show he’s an innovator in the predominantly Americana/folk scene.

On the inspiration behind “Naked On The Beach,” Caterwaulrus AKA John Michael Sherry says, “I recorded [the song] following a trip to the beach with my girlfriend, my sister and her boyfriend. A majority of the song was written while on the beach.

We were a few miles down South Padre Island where there wasn’t a person in sight, and spent the day drinking, relaxing, and laughing. We camped out that night and I woke up before any of them to watch the sun rise. The song is basically a person trying their best to forget all the shit they’ve got to do and just losing themselves in the now.”

Caterwaulrus played all the instruments and sang all the vocals on the track which he recorded in his bedroom. “Naked On The Beach” is the first installment of Caterwaulrus’ attempt to release new music every month.

Listen to “Naked On The Beach” below and pick up Caterwaulrus’ sophomore EP, Songs That Go Nowherehere.

Image source: Caterwaulrus 

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