Pony Pony Run Run C’est La Mode

French pop is so haute right now. Another band who is on a French label (and also happen to be French themselves, unlike my previous post) is Pony Pony Run Run, who is très chic at the moment, resulting from the popularity of their single “Hey You.” The full album You Need Pony Pony Run Run will be released on Monday, June 8th. Part iced-tea with a squeeze of lemon and part cut off denim shorts, the song exudes summer. Apparently the boys agree as their video is about traveling, relaxing by the beach and that whole ‘summer love’ thing.

If you are into the song you should check out fairtilizer as they are hosting a remix contest for “Hey You.” Anyone can download the song, mix it, cut it, blend it…and submit it. The lucky winner will have their remix digitally released alongside the original track (not to mention the inevitable five minutes of blogosphere fame)! For more information click here. Allez-y!

image courtesy: myspace

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