Point of Panic

Panic! At The Disco pondered the point of an exclamation in their name after rising to fame with their debut album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out in 2006.  Somewhere along the way (specifically 2008) the band decided that the point was pointless.  Perhaps the boys were grammaphiles feeling an exclamation point after the anxiety laced ‘panic’ was redundant, or distracting. Maybe there was too much zeal and not enough earnest. Whatever the reason the boys ditched the exclamation in 2008 with the release of Pretty.Odd.  Oddly enough without the point, the bands passionate fan-base dwindled.


Punctuation is key.  The exclamation point evokes excitement, recklessness, fun – all the characteristics fans love about Panic! At The Disco.  Without the point, the band lost their identity.  It’s like if OK GO were to suddenly change their name to Okay Go.  It would not be ok.  What may seem like a small and insignificant change can have a potentially monumental impact.  So for their March 2011 release Vices and Virtues, Panic is going back to their roots and reinstating the “!” We’ll have to track the release to see if its more successful than Pretty.Odd.  I’m gonna put my money on the answer being yes.

As for the record? It’s more of the power pop fans know and love from the band.

The panic is on!

What do you think of the exclamation point? Are you hppy it’s back or plain indifferent?

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