Pitch-Perfect Music, Popsicles and a Piñata At The Sound Dessert Consulting Launch Party

Launch Party poster signed by Whiite Walls, The Ghost Wolves & Speak

What an amazing way to kick off the launch of Sound Dessert Consulting! So many of you came out for what was truly a glorious evening of cocktails and killer tunes.

Solerno sponsored bevvies started the night off on a sweet note including the Sound Byte, a citrus punch, I’m With The Band, a Solerno Margarita and Hard Candy, a Solerno Popsicle. That’s right, hard Popsicles, this was a Sound Dessert party after all!

Whiite Walls

While the crowd mingled and posed for pictures, DJ Apollo Zeitgeist warmed things up before Whiite Walls took to the stage. The four-piece played cool disco dance songs that are ‘easy to love’. Specifically, the cosmic “Easy Love” and “Turn From You”, both of which can be heard on Whiite Walls’ SoundCloud page.

They recently opened up for Empire of The Sun at ACL Live, (a pretty perfect bill if you ask me) and there were a couple people in the crowd that remembered them from that concert. One things for sure, everyone wanted to hear more.

The band’s working on releasing an EP, so stay tuned for word on that!

The Ghost Wolves

The Ghost Wolves may be a duo, but on stage they rock out with a third member, their wolf companion Winter, who loyally watches over all their baby fangs (as they lovingly call their fans). You want raw, gritty rock n roll? You’ve got it in spades with this pair. The Ghost Wolves’ bio sums it up best, “vegans by nutritional diet, carnivores by blood, rockin’ in spirit”. People were especially fixated on vocalist Carley “Carazy” Wolf’s wild guitar playing and convulsions. Mouths were dropped, eyes were wide and a whole new pack of baby fans were born.

Most appropriately their next gig is the Oxblood Masquerade this Saturday, October 26th. A Badass Farm Party on Ball Farm just outside of Austin. Give it a gander

The men of the hour: the piñata killers

At this point it was time to take care of some business: busting open the ice cream cone piñata containing glow bracelets, Nerds, Warheads and other delights. A couple people took matters into their own hands and basically ripped the piñata to shreds as the light from the glow bracelets seeped through, getting brighter with each tear. It was a mad rush as people scrambled for the fallen prizes. With a sugar boost and some neon, it was time to get the second half of the night started.


SPEAK kept the energy high and got people dancing with a delicious dose of pop. They played songs off their debut album I Believe In Everything including “Wars” and “You Know As Well As I” and treated the crowd to some new songs off their upcoming sophomore release, Pedals. Closing with their insanely catchy hit, “Carrie”, the set ended on a euphoric note (albeit a touch bittersweet having come to the end).

Apollo Zeitgeist followed the live music with ratchet house jams while Win In Rome dropped some sick hip hop beats. If you like to dance, these are your guys.

Big thank you to SPEAK, The Ghost Wolves, Whiite Walls, Apollo Zeitgeist and Win In Rome for the sweet sounds. Thank you to our stupendous sponsor Solerno for the delicious libations and thanks to all of YOU who came out! 

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