Pick Up The Track

Drag.on.ette. I love the poppy fabulosity that is Dragonette. Flirty, sassy, danceabilly (yes I just made up a word) their music compels hips to sway and heads to bob. Plus I love Martina Sorbara’s alluring and somewhat whimpery voice. Their EP Fixin To Thrill released October 6 kicked off with the single “Pick Up The Phone.” Who hasn’t related to that feeling at one point or another? It’s a fun track to dance away your cares too, and by the end of it you may even find yourself exchanging numbers with someone new, rather than worrying about the loser you can’t get in touch with.

If you’re fixin to thrill then actually put down the crackberry for a minute and pick up the latest tracks from the lovely Dragonette! Then you can text, IM, bluetooth and yes, maybe actually call your friends and spread the word!

Image credit: myspace

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