Paul Hazan: A Parisian in Texas

Paul Hazan

Parisian singer Paul Hazan has an eclectic sound that incorporates traditional French pop with 60’s rock. “Back in the day I was only listening to American and English music like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, The Beatles and The Kinks” says Hazan. “Now a days its more Serge Gainsbourg, Léo Ferré, Jacques Brel. They’re all dead but I like my artists dead. They’re not going to disappoint me.”

It’s a cold rainy afternoon in Austin, and Hazan has a weekend of shows scheduled at venues all over the city in conjunction with Angers Day, a weekend celebration of Austin’s sister city, Angers, France. Earlier this year, Austinites traveled to Angers for their festivities honoring the music capitol. We meet at the French Legation Museum where Hazan tells me about all the Texas activities on his to-do list while in town: everything from eating BBQ, shopping for cowboy boots, drinking Micheladas and, if the weather cooperates, swimming. “A holiday is not a holiday if you can’t swim,” says Hazan.

I like my artists dead. They’re not going to disappoint me.


Paul Hazan by Magdalena Lawniczak

Mostly though, we talk about the music. In addition to pop and rock, the French singer also has an appreciation for jazz: “I like people who are smoking weed in a suit with a trumpet like Chet BakerBill Evans is a pianist I really love. I love Nina Simone, Judy London.”

As for his favorite living artist? That distinction is reserved for the psychedelic Aussie rockers, Tame Impala.

Hazan incorporates an array of instruments into his music including violins, cello, bass and drums, for an “old school” sound and recently recorded a five song EP with French producer Marc di Domenico. It’s slated for release early next year.

Listen below and enjoy a drink (or maybe a smoke).

and check out Hazan’s latest Beatles cover “Child of Nature.”

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