Parlour Tricks – Broken Hearts/Bones

Parlour Tricks

Parlour Tricks’ new single will grab you ‘right from the start.’ “Broken Hearts/Bones” is a bittersweet, flirtatious love song about a tricky thing called timing. An instant attraction leads to a painful separation – and the hope of reuniting.

The song starts off innocently enough, as Parlour Tricks coyishly sing,”What’s your name? I forgot when you told me. Something pretty, something right out of a movie.” However reality quickly sets in as lead vocalist Lily Cato sings, “When you go, I’ll fall apart / When you go, I’ll fall apart.”

The star-crossed lovers find themselves doing the dance of timing:

“You didn’t give me time to get ready
And when I changed my mind
You disappear

Broken hearts and broken bones
Spent that summer all alone

What’s the difference
I know you’re waiting for me”

The whimsical pop ballad feels comforting and familiar; like a favorite pillow, you just want to hug it close. The same goes for the endearing music video which features lowly shoppers and workers at the grocery store, including a real life gay couple falling for each other (literally and figuratively) in the soup aisle.

Watch what Bob Boilen describes as “a perfect music video” below. Parlour Tricks debut album, Broken Hearts/Bones, is out now via Bar/None Records.

Image source: Parlour Tricks

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