Paramore Sings With Brand New Eyes

For Paramore fans, the bands new album Brand New Eyes comes something as a relief, considering Paramore was on the brink of breaking up just last year. Yet the group channeled their tensions and emotions into a creative funnel to produce their third album, emerging more thankful that they stuck it out. Typical Paramore, the album is packed with power pop/punk anthems and catchy hooks. While I grew out of my pop punk music phase years ago, something seems to be gravitating me back towards this band. The music is loud, fun and Hayley Williams truly has a great voice.

Watch the video to their latest single “Ignorance”

Image credit: Flickr

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  • Reply October 7, 2009


    You have NO Idea how much I Adore Paramore and Brand New Eyes. The video for Ignorance is AWESOME!!!!!!

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