Paper Aeroplanes on SXSW and finding ‘JOY’


Paper Aeroplanes make their Austin debut as one of five bands representing their home country of Wales during this year’s SXSW Music. The Welsh Government partnered with the British Music Embassy (a.k.a. Latitude 30) to support the international opportunity to bring awareness to Wales, its culture and music scene. 

The duo embodies the spirit of Wales perfectly, having both grown up along the coast surrounded by the beach and mountains. An ideal environment for inspiration to flourish. This meditative framework can be heard on Paper Aeroplanes’ dreamy, pensive pop songs fronted by lead vocalist Sarah Howells

Paper Aeroplanes spoke to Sound Dessert about partaking in the fest, the Welsh music scene and the trick to maintaining inner peace. Catch one of their shows while they’re in Austin.

Sound Dessert: How’s your first SXSW shaping up so far?

Paper Aeroplanes: Amazing! We’ve had some legendary food, we’re loving the warm temperature and excited for some bands today.

SD: Who are some bands you’re hoping to catch while in town?
PA: Twilight Sad, Ibeyi, Natalie Prass, Jack Garrett, and Juliana Hatfield!

SD: How does Austin’s tacos and BBQ compare to  the local grub back home in Wales?
PA: Its amazing! Delicious food. We’ve eaten at Stubbs and the taco van outside Radio Coffee and Beer so far and loved it all. I’d get seriously large if I continued that trend though! We have some good Welsh food. And nothing really beats a British Cooked breakfast but I’m loving BBQ right now.

SD: The Welsh Government is a big supporter of the country’s music community. What’s the scene like out there? How does it feel to be one of five bands representing Wales in Austin, TX?
PA: It feels great! It’s a lovely honor to have been chosen to play out here this year. We’ve never applied before. I feel we’re already one of a few Welsh bands spreading our fan base to other countries in Europe so its nice to be able to now take our sound to the U.S. and hopefully grow even more and taken our music further on behalf of Wales.

SD: A major theme on your upcoming album J O Y is maintaining inner peace and happiness. What helps you achieve this?

PA: Having read a lot about it I’ve basically been trying to come to grips with the idea that happiness is all about thought and your reactions towards your situation rather than the situation itself. Obviously its incredibly difficult to “not let things get you down” and maintain feelings of gratitude some days…regardless of how lucky I know I am in this life…but i try. Learning and incorporating elements of meditation has helped as well, although I’d be the first to admit I don’t keep to it regularly.

SD: What’s the last song you’ve heard today?
PA: It was a song by a band called Time and Energy on Rooftop On Sixth. Loved the venue and the band was nice.


Paper Aeroplanes performing at the British Music Embassy


Paper Aeroplanes performing at the British Music Embassy


Paper Aeroplanes performing at the British Music Embassy


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