Oh My-land-a!

Oh Land at Mercury Lounge

A line formed on Houston outside of the Mercury Lounge on Monday night.  Oh Land was on the bill for the night, and the space was brimming with fans and friends of fans eager to hear her perform live.  The door person poled everyone who entered the venue who they were there to see, and next to Oh Land were countless tally marks. I invited a few friends to see her play that night, and by the end of her set they were converts.  One of then even proclaiming “I’m going to tell everyone I know about her.”  That’s the kind of effect she has on a first time listener, pretty impressive by anyone’s standards.

Much more intimate then her Brooklyn Bowl performance last Monday, Oh Land shined (both literally and figuratively). Wearing a long sleeved gold romper, she certainly lit up the stage while her songs illuminated the audience.  She opened with “Break the Chain” followed by “Wold and I” and her single “Son of a Gun.”  Everyone was enjoying themselves, moving to the music, smiling (yes people were smiling) and bopping to the pop ditties.  Closing with “We Turn It Up,” Oh Land encouraged everyone to see along to the chorus as the room shouted “we don’t care what you say”

Check out this amazing video of “We Turn It Up” from her Brunch After Dark set at Brooklyn Bowl that was captured with multiple cameras:

See additional footage from the show here

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