Oh Land’s Cherry On Top: Vintage Dior and A Billy Elliot Ballerino

One can always expect a visual feast and layers of symbolism in anything Oh Land does. Her latest video for “Cherry On Top” is no exception.

Set in a snow-laden NYC, Oh Land enters an abandoned building outfitted in an oversized coat that would make Macklemore proud. A lone security guard tells her to take “four rights” for the ballet studio she’s seeking. That studio happens to be one of the most prestigious in the world, the Alvin Ailey Dance School. Oh Land finds the room and instead of joining the class as a dancer, realizes she’s the piano player. Choreography and dreamy looks follow.

Here’s a closer look at the cinematic “Cherry On Top”:

  • Model and photographer Helena Christensen plays the ballet instructor. The fellow Dane became friends with Oh Land while shooting her for a Danish magazine. You might recognize the video vixen from Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Games”, Dirty Vegas’ “Simple Things” and Duran Duran’s “Girl Panic”.
  • Oh Land’s beautiful red and blue crop top and pencil skirt is vintage Dior from the 70’s. Her jewelry is vintage Danish designer Georg Jensen.
  • Ballerino Drew Minard, played the roll of Billy Elliot in the national touring production.
  • “Cherry On Top” was inspired by a landmark dream the former dancer turned singer had one night. “This one was a personal breakthrough in a way, because even in my subconscious I didn’t consider myself a dancer anymore”, Oh Land told The New York Times.

Duncan Winecoff and his company All:Expanded, directed and produced “Cherry On Top” and previously worked with Oh Land on the “Renaissance Girls” video. The team has three other videos in the works with the singer, so expect more dreamy creations in the future.

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