Oh Land in a Daze

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Oh Land is featured in the February issue of Dazed & Confused! Did I not say this girl was on the move? She was even offered to open for Shakira at Madison Square Garden but turned it down because she didn’t feel she was ready for that step yet.  I guarantee it’s only a matter of time before she finds herself playing at the Garden and elsewhere, so she should start getting ready now.  She’s already playing a number of impressive venues this spring including Webster Hall, Terminal 5, The Troubadour in California and much more.  The girl is on fire and I’m thrilled for her.

Here’s a snippet from her interview with Dazed & Confused:

Over the last two years, the life of Danish pop singer Oh Land has changed beyond recognition. Moving from Copenhagen to New York to record her major label debut with Depeche Mode’s producer Dave McCracken, the former ballerina has also found time to work with Pharrell Williams and John Legend. Shakira was so taken with her brand of Nordic electro pop that she offered Oh Land the opening slot at her recent Madison Square Garden extravaganza – which she turned down! “It’s crazy but I didn’t feel ready for something like that,” she says. “If I start out at Madison Square Garden where am I going to end? I need to take one little step at a time to make sure that there can be a next step. And when you work with superstars like Pharrell and John Legend, people will automatically focus on that, so I decided not to include any of those songs on my new record. I want to show people that I’m an artist who can stand on my own legs.

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    Oh Land is incredible! I’ve been listening to “Son of a gun” nonstop since I first heard it a few months ago. If you haven’t checked her out, listen to her now!

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