Of Monsters and Men Album Out Today!

Image source: Facebook

 My Head Is An Animal is about to fill yours again and again. The stunning debut album from the Icelandic Of Monsters and Men is a 50 minute joyride replete with rousing melodies and angelic vocals that stir up feelings of euphoria while listening. The opening track “Dirty Paws,” a spirited fable about nature versus man, is also the source of the albums title. Many of the songs reference nature, a powerful presence in their home of Reykjavik. On “Mountain Sound” a song about journeying into the woods, they sing with determination, “we sleep until the sun goes down.”

Of Monsters and Men’s odyssey from uncharted to on the map didn’t take long. The band won Músíktilraunir, a national battle of the bands, in 2010, and were quickly signed. Since then they have been touring non-stop, bewitching fans at every turn. As they nicely sum it up on the emotive “From Finner,” “We are far, far from home, but we’re so happy.” And it’s that kind of optimism that makes Of Monsters and Men irresistible. Their happiness is palpable, and turns out it’s also contagious. 

Stream the album in full on NPR

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