Now, Now Hear This

Minneapolis based Now, Now got their start fresh out of high school back in 2008. Since then they’ve traveled cross-country, gone on a European tour, shortened their name (formerly Now, Now Every Children) and have grown as songwriters and musicians.

Their new album Threads is slated for release this spring via Trans Records. Produced by Howard Redekopp (Tegan and Sara, An Horse, New Pornographers), their emotive songs, paired with Cacie Dalager and Jess Abbott’s delicate vocals make for a mesmerizing combination. Their single “School Friends” is a cool, downtempo track, feigning indifference about an unrequited love. Listen here:

   Now, Now: School Friends by Trans Records 

In contrast I’m also really enjoying the uptempo “Jesus Camp (Remix)” mixed by Brad Hale from their Neighbors EP. Check it out:

   Jesus Camp (Remix) by nownowmusic

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