‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a musician was stirring not even Deadmou5!  Yes? No?  Wishing everyone a happy holidays from SoundDessert.  In light of Christmas eve I figured I’d deviate a little bit and focus a bit more on the holidays – we’re all on break mode anyway right?  I will be spending the day trapped under snow – hopefully you are somewhere warmer, though white Christmas’ aren’t all that bad, are they?  A couple weeks ago I listed my favorite holiday songs – perfect if you are in need of some tunes to celebrate the day. 

So what are you favorite Christmas traditions? What music do you listen to, what carols do you sing on Christmas day? Better yet – what music did you receive?  I can always count on a few iTunes gift cards in my stocking (as for the ‘rents I got them the Rod Stewart and Susan Boyle CD’s – they’re big fans!).

Share your musical favorites as well as what your giving (and receiving – no peaking!) this year in the comments!  Safe travels and Merry Christmas!

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