Night People’s Melancholia

EDM (formerly Early Day Miners) have returned to Western Vinyl after an 11 year hiatus to release their new full-length album Night People this summer. With a husky drawl, singer Daniel Burton wails over fear, anxiety and relationships. On the latest single “StereoVideo” Burton sings “I hear voices on the stereo, I see faces on the video” unable to escape the incessant memories of a broken relationship. On the emotional “Bright Angels” Burton sings “It’s a better life not running away, you’re safe with me my word is true, I wouldn’t mislead you” while a female vocalist responds “I couldn’t believe you, how could I believe you, why should I believe you.” On the melancholy “Hold Me Down” Burton cries, “I see life in your eyes, I feel life in your body.” The dark lyrics are paired with vigorous guitar riffs making for a dynamic rock oeuvre.

Listen to “StereoVideo”

[via Western Vinyl]Night People is a series of character studies. Alienated and out of fashion, these people stay up all night, stumbling through isolation to explore trauma and ecstasy in search of their own glamour. The boundaries of reality dissolve in their environment, and the light from within transforms street lamps at last call into beacons towards infinity. Guided through fuzz and fog, truths emerge, as the knots binding sensuality and spirit unravel. In a world defined by EDM’s music, the Night People’s stories are projected, as reality turns into a film. Like the characters in his songs, songwriter and guitarist Daniel Burton has experienced a rebirth and transformation. Night People punctuates his catalog of work under the Early Day Miners moniker. Additionally, this release finds the band coming full circle, transitioning back to the Western Vinyl label, home of Early Day Miners’ first record, Placer Found.

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