Nic Hessler – Hearts, Repeating

At age 18 the world seemed to be opening up for Nic Hessler. He landed a record deal with Captured Tracks and was about to head on tour, and then the walls caved in on the singer. Diagnosed with Guillain–Barré Syndrome, a rare autoimmune disorder, Nic was left partially paralyzed and unable to play the guitar.

Now at the age of 23, Hessler is healthy and making music once again. One such song is “Hearts, Repeating,” the lead single off Hesler’s debut LP (which he started writing as a teenager), Soft Connections.

“Hearts, Repeating” consists of soft, meditative vocals with wind in your hair, “California Dreamin'” vibes. It’s a ‘winter’s day’ on the melancholy track as Hessler sings, “I let it go to my head, I wish I was dead.” However don’t be misled, the melody is much more buyoant than the lyrics. Are you picturing the ocean waves? Because I am.

Image source: Captured Tracks

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