Neon Indian’s Princely Cover of ‘Pop Life’

Neon Indian - Pop Life

Neon Indian credits Prince as one of his biggest musical influences and inspirations. Many have paid tribute to The Artist, since news of his passing, with Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo being no exception.

Last month Palomo wrote an essay for The Guardian reflecting upon Prince’s “inimitable” artistry. “Prince, to me, represented the last of the self-assembled pop stars,” writes Palomo. “the ability to sing, play instruments, write hits, produce albums, dance on stage or in videos, and all the while look great doing it…It’s unheard of, unicorn-like, to see someone be all of those things at once.” 

The holy grail of pop-stardom: it’s what many aspire to, but only few master all of the above with such brilliance and effortlessness. This is one of many reasons why we mourn, and why the loss feels so palpable. Unicorns are rare.

Therefore, it’s not surprising to see Palomo rally a group of friends to cover the pop icon’s “Pop Life.” Featuring Holy Ghost!, Xenia Rubinos, Midnight Magic, and more, the cover stays true to Neon Indian’s colorful, artistic vision while doing utmost justice to the track. Because Life it ain’t real funkyUnless it’s got that popDig it”

Image source: Pitchfork

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