Neon Indian And Bacon – The Sultans of Cool At The MoMA After-Party

Neon Indian with Rodin’s Balzac

The Vernissage Armory Show is in full swing, and opening night was when gallerinas, fashionistas, and…music-istas all got down together at MoMA’s lavish after party. The musical guest creating a stir was none other than electro-synther rockers Neon Indian. It seems MoMA took the band’s name quite literally, as blue neon lights flooded the entire ground floor and light projections scaled the walls.

Neon lights at the MoMA after-party

Neon Indian shared the stage with a special guest that night – Rodin’s imposing and impressive statue of Balzac, towered behind the petite lead vocalist, Alan Palomo. The stage was also set with, of course, more neon light displays and a gorgeous sparkling instillation of Waterford Crystal chandeliers.

Neon Indian focused on playing a lot of new material for the set. So fresh, that a number of songs were introduced as “Untitled.” Palomo shifted from playing his synth instrument, to hovering over his keyboard, to singing straight into the mic at center-stage. Palomo commented on the amount of reverb that was happening, due to MoMA’s wide open space (which wasn’t optimal for acoustics), but nobody seemed to mind. The open bar had everyone footloose and liquored up. (I also need to point out that bacon is still very, very in – as strips of it were served as ‘finger food’ at the bar). The band looked great on stage – Palomo with his jerky dance moves, and buoyant hair, and the band smiling and clearly enjoying themselves.

Also what would a show in an art space be without a few cracks about a “performance piece” – Palomo made note of the correlation.

Watch Neon Indian at the MoMA here:

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