Nelo Is Calling


Austin six-piece Nelo keep it simple on the live studio version of “You Don’t Know.” The video is an alternate version of the song, released as a special treat for fans prior to the debut single off Nelo’s live acoustic album, Roots, out May 19th, 2017. Singing about someone who “doesn’t know what their missing,” the track remains upbeat and hopeful despite the longing in the lyrics for things to be different.

Nelo recorded “You Don’t Know” at Pedernales Studio outside of Austin and the video captures the guys in their element, jamming together and just having a good time.

According to the band, “You Don’t Know” is one of the ‘truest to the song’ recordings they’ve ever done. Says songwriter/guitarist Matt Ragland, “Matt Muehling’s [guitar] solo at the end was all one take live with the band and an awesome raw moment. If you listen to the very end of the track you can hear him yelling out after the solo. That was pretty much how we were all feeling.”

Don’t miss out, and give “You Don’t Know” a listen now:

Image source: Nelo

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