Native New Yorkers Star in Joey Ramone’s "New York City"

The new video for the late Joey Ramone’s “New York City” pays tribute to the iconic rocker and his ‘place’, with New Yorkers all rocking leather jackets in Ramone’s fashion. Directed by Greg Jardin, the stop-motion video was made from over 1600 photos and features over 100 locals (some pulled right off the street, some Joey’s closest friends and family). There’s a lot of familiar faces including: Tommy Ramone, Anthony Bourdain, Matt & Kim, Andrew WK, Reggie Watts, members of Les Savy Fav, The Drums, Kristen Schaal, Ed Stasium, Mickey Leigh and more. Can you spot them all in the video?

BMG is releasing a limited-edition delux version of Joey Ramones solo album . . . Ya Know? on November 23rd, featuring a DVD with interviews with Elvis Costello, Kirk Hammett, Debbie Harry, Anthony Kiedis, Thurston Moore, Joe Strummer, Rancid members and more.

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