Motopony – Get Down (Come Up)

You know what’s rock ‘n’ roll? Starting a band after years of pursuing a professional career. Motopony lead singer, Daniel Blue, owned a guitar for nearly a decade before he decided to have a meaningful relationship with it. At age 27, he put his job as a fashion designer on hold and started song-writing.

Turns out Blue had plenty to write about, from losing his mom to cancer at age 22, to being engaged four times, to feeling overwhelmed by society’s disposable consumer culture, the lyrics started pouring out. Soon after, Motopony was a fully formed band.

Motopony’s latest single “Get Down (Come Up)” refers to the highs and lows of life and learning to roll with the punches. The sweetly supportive song begins with a simple invitation, “Will you walk with me? Will you take some time?” Blue offers words of encouragement to someone having a challenging time as the track gently builds. The last minute drives the song home as the band erupts and Blue shouts, “Once you’ve been down you can’t forget to come back up again, come up, come up, come up, come up.”

“Get Down (Come Up)” is off of Motopony’s EP Idle Beauty available now. Says Blue, “Idle Beauty represents a season of transformation and stands as a testament to the stuff we’ve been through.” [Motopony]

Get down with this sonic beauty.

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