MØ Talks FOMO, Spice Girls and Political Pop


Make way for the baddest MØ (fo) in pop music. Danish delight MØ blends electro-pop and R&B (my favorite combination) into one fierce sound inspired by politics and the digital age.

I saw MØ perform during SXSW without knowing anything about her and was instantly transfixed. Her unceasing energy, stage presence and talent truly made her a standout artist – not to mention the best show I caught all week, hands down. Nailing a showcase during SXSW is especially impressive considering everything bands are up against: sound issues, exhaustion and a general level of chaos.

For the uninitiated, MØ means “maiden” or “virgin” in Danish, and this P.Y.T kindly agreed to answer some questions for me including: her thoughts on FOMO, our shared love for The Spice Girls, her favorite sporty app and much more. Check it out:

Sound Dessert: What was the biggest source of inspiration behind your debut album, No Mythologies To Follow?

MØ: Being a restless and confused post-teenager in modern Western society.

SD: You’re a huge Spice Girls fan (as am I). Did you collect any of their merchandise, lollipops, Barbie dolls, etc? What’s your biggest Spice Girls fan moment?

MØ: I was the BIGGEST Spice Girls fan, and though I might not call myself a Spice Girls fan anymore (or maybe I would), I still love them for what they did for me and my friends back in the nineties.

Haha. Well. I guess this is kinda embarrassing, but I actually had ALL of their postcards, ALL of their stickers and ALL of the Spice Girls Barbie dolls back then!! I also had tees and stuff, but it was the collectable items I adored the most. My biggest SG fan moment I guess, was when they played in Denmark – I hadn’t gotten tickets for the show, which of course was disappointing – but instead me and my friend (who too, hadn’t gotten tickets) had a sleep over where we dressed up all of our Spice Girls Barbie dolls and pretended we were at the show with them.

SD: Who’s your favorite pop star right now?

MØ: Uh, that’s kind of a hard question…Grimes ‘cause she’s badass. Lorde ‘cause she’s natural, Lykke Li ‘cause she’s vulnerable and edgy, Beyonce ‘cause she is a hardworking, talented, strong woman and Lana Del Rey ‘cause she has created a magical universe surrounding her nostalgic tunes.

SD: You started out singing in the political punk band MOR and have a tattoo in tribute to Pussy Riot. How do they inspire you? Any other activist groups you follow?

MØ: It’s important to stand up for what you believe in and when you have a platform to communicate from, I think it’s important to use that as a way to preach what you think is right. Then you can disagree or approve – never the less it’s better to state your feelings than be silent, and I truly believe in freedom of speech, regardless of color, religion or sexuality. Pussy Riot shows great courage in their mission toward opening up people’s minds and for that I admire and support them.

SD: How many other tattoos do you have?

MØ: I have nine tattoos in all: a question mark on my right middle-finger, a Pussy Riot balaclava, a friend star tattoo, an infinity sign and a 10 cent on my left arm. A lightning tower and a Muumin on my left leg and a homemade skull and MOR tattoo on my right leg.

SD: Describe your style in two words.

MØ: Sporty grunge

SD: On “Glass” you sing, “why do everyone have to grow old?” In addition to FOMO, what are some of the challenges of adulthood as a millennial?

MØ: In the modern Western world, we live in a society glorifying the ego. The media and social media are constantly preaching about eternal youth, beauty, wealth and success – filling our worn-out brains with shit and lot’s of useless information. We all have to be everywhere at the same time ALL the time, and I guess to a young and insecure individual, this can create a lot of pressure. No wonder so many people nowadays suffer from lifestyle diseases. We are the ‘me, me, me’ generation, all striving for perfection. It makes me sick, though I’m caught in the chaos myself.

SD: You’re a big fan of Dev Hynes, have you met him/discussed a collaboration?

MØ: Yes I am! No, I have never met him or talked to him, but I would so much love to. I would die to do a collab with him someday, somehow!

SD: What’s your favorite hangout spot in Copenhagen?

MØ: I guess that is in Christiania – the town within the city. Christiania is a free spirit area formed by the hippies back in the days, and it’s a super chilled out place to go if you wanna hang out, have a coffee or just take a walk around a lake away from the noise of the inner city, but still being close to everything.

SD: Can you make the Danish dessert Rødgrød Med Fløde?

MØ: HAHA! No, actually not – I’m helpless when it comes to cooking! But my mom is VERY good at it!

SD: Coolest app you’ve downloaded?

MØ: Not to sound like a total sports geek, but my favorite app is the Nike Training App. It’s the perfect way to motivate yourself and get pumped for a workout when you’re on the road, ‘cause it’s easy, intense, effective and it doesn’t require a lot of space nor equipment. I use it all the time, and I’ve never been in better shape (this is beginning to sound like a commercial, but seriously – I’m amazed!)

SD: Of all the cities you’ve played, which has the best nightlife?

MØ: Guess nothing beats New York City. Though we Danes always forget that you can’t drink on the streets outside of bars in America, and therefore end up getting fines. That’s so embarrassing, but it doesn’t change the fact that NYC is a kick ass city to go out in.

Following the tour, what’s next for MØ?

MØ: U.S. tour!!!! And then comes the festival season, which I’m excited for as well… And yeah, then there’s new music to make! Always.

Photo credit: Thomas Skou

Photo credit: Thomas Skou


Featured image by Katrine Rohrberg

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