Milo Greene – On The Fence

Milo Greene is that you? The five-piece sounds unrecognizable on their new single “On The Fence.” While 2012’s self-titled debut album consisted of soul-stirring indie rock, “On The Fence” is full throttle pop. Expect more of the same on their forthcoming album, Control.

The band had this to say on their website about their new sound: “Control came very naturally, and while it’s a new sonic landscape for us, it maintains the essence of this band – our four voices and our overlapping identities as songwriters and collaborators. We’re so proud of it and excited to share it with you.

I loved Milo Greene’s debut album, but I’ve gotta say, I love this too. Some fans might be “on the fence” about their new creative direction but I ain’t against it. In fact, where’s the party at? I’m ready to hit the dance floor.

Milo Greene’s sophomore album Control drops January 27th.

Image source: High Road Touring

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