Message Recieved

The Daylights are a band. Their friend is a filmmaker.  The filmmakers girlfriend moved from California to North Carolina to attend graduate school at Duke. The filmmaker decided to send the girlfriend a viral love note via a music video in hopes that the internet would serve as the carrier pigeon and deliver it to her.  Enlisting the help of The Daylights, the band agreed to help and wrote the song “I Hope This Gets To You” while the filmmaker produced the video.  The girlfriend received this video in two days:

What are your thoughts on the video?  The response has been a mixture of like and dislike.  Do you think this is a genius viral video to promote The Daylights?  The band recently toured with Katy Perry, so they aren’t hurting for exposure these days, though all the buzz this video has received certainly has put them on more people’s radar.  Or did they just want to help a friend out in his quest and take advantage of an exciting opportunity to test the power of the internet?

If it’s not authentic, The Daylights risk losing out on potential fans who feel this is a publicity stunt.  However many romantics believe this is the real deal, and one of the sweetest viral love notes to hit YouTube yet. 

Whatever the explanation behind the video is, one thing that can’t be ignored is how quickly this video traveled.  Two days is all it took for the video to reach hundreds of thousands of views, the media to pick up on it (including Spinner and The Washington Post) and the girl to discover its existence.  Pretty powerful.  It’s a truly great example of the Internets powerful potential for artists and lovesick boyfriends alike.

As for the song itself? It’s good.

So what do you think? Is the video genuine or fabricated?

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