Measure for Measure

The New York Times has created a blog titled Measure for Measure: How to Write a Song and Other Mysteries, providing a forum for artists to comment on the creative process behind composing music. It is a refreshing read, since these songwriters are so gifted in stringing words together. The blog features artists Andrew Bird, Darrell Brown, Rosanne Cash and Suzanne Vega. I feature Andrew Bird because I especially love what he wrote, and I encourage everyone to visit the site and read what these artists share and express. Here is an excerpt from the lovely and talented Sir Andrew Bird:

The record I want to make here and now — the one I wish I could find in my local record store — is a gentle, lulling, polyrhythmic, minimalist yet warm tapestry of acoustic instruments. No solos, just interlocking parts. A little Steve Reich, but groovier. A little Ghanaian street music, but more arranged. Thick and creamy vocals like the Zombies’s Colin Blunstone. The bass warm and tubby like Studio One dub.

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It is going to continue for a couple weeks, Suzanne Vega just updated the blog with a post two nights ago, on April 15. I like how Measure for Measure includes a mix of artists and provides another way for fans to connect with music. It is so easy to listen to a quick 30-second preview of a song on iTunes and completely forget about it. It is rare however, to get a glimpse into the journey behind the birth of a song–and appreciate the process.

Check out the blog and let me know what you think!

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