Max Frost – Paranoia

Do you feel like a prisoner of your own mind? Then you might be “suffering a strain of paranoia” according to Max Frost. The Austin local sings of voices in his head, shadows on the wall and a general feeling of anxiousness on “Paranoia,” the lead single off his upcoming full-length debut album.

Is it a quarter-life crisis (if so, I can relate) or something more?

Someone once said you’ve got to experience a little discomfort in life to make any forward movement, or risk staying in one place. “Paranoia” touches on these growing pains in a frenzied pop jam: “When you’re wide awake you gotta face what’s in front of you” sings Frost, “I was afraid but I knew I had to stay with what I’d become.”

In other words, embrace the paranoia and keep on keeping on.

Frost is working with some mega producer’s on his new LP including Benny Blanco (Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Wiz Khalifa) so expect more swinging soulful pop on the way.

Image source: Atlantic Records

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